Tuesday, 11 December 2012

DIY: Re-Vamping a Noticeboard

You know when you have those weeks when you have so much to do, you feel like you barely have time to sit down? That's what last week was like. I had all my final assignments to complete, christmas shopping to do, and endless paperwork to fill out. BUT, you may remember my last post where I said that I'd had a lot of photos from this year printed, and that I didn't know what to do with them.
I decided to re-vamp my university bedroom noticeboard, and I thought you may like to see it. Sorry for the poor photo quality, it was nightime!
To do this, I needed my printed photos, minature craft pegs, drawing pins and ribbon that would fit across my noticeboard.
After pinning the ribbon across the noticeboard, I used the pegs to fasten landscape-style photographs to it. I used landscape photos at first to try and fit as many photos onto the board as possible, as I'd printed out so many more than I needed!
I pinned the lengths of ribbon across the noticeboard using the drawing pins, and pinned it in at least three places to make sure it could take the weight of the photos.  

The finished product! I added a few portait photos down the far side and along the bottom to fill in the gaps, and pinned some pink and white ribbon along the top of the noticeboard.
 It's lovely to have my noticeboard totally full, with loads of memories from the last year in front of me when I'm doing my work.
What would you have done with your photos?

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