Monday, 5 May 2014

Sunday Snippets #12

No makeup and messy hair / My bedside table, newly upcycled! / Bunnies are still doing well / Revision... / Pretty stationery / Old photo of my handsome boyfriend / Red Velvet cake / Missguided order / Journaling.. / How is it May?! / Bunny rabbit made the paper! / New money box / More revision / Cup of coffee and sleepy eyes / Boyfriend and his niece / Woodland adventure! 
Another two weeks of photos! I've spent most of the last two weeks revising, rearranging my room and buying things I don't need! I really don't have anything interesting to say today and I must get back to my revision, but I realised it was Monday and I hadn't posted!

PS, how adorable is the photo of my boyfriend with his niece?! 

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