Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunday Snippets #13

Set up my new dressing table and I'm in love / Wotsit and Ted are still loved up / Little dressing table details / Another famous bunny, Nahla in a magazine! / Revising, revising... / Train journeys and textbooks / Collecting kinder princesses / Still revising! / Little snack... / Sleepy Ruby dog / Failed macarons / Trying a new tea / My mug has a jumper! / Amazing trade package with a YouTube friend / A sweet good luck text from boyfriend / Celebrating end of exams with a bunny lolly / Found a childhood letter from a friend / A gift from EJ Designs / Got lovely photos of the bunnies in the garden / Giraffes at Marwell Zoo on yesterday's trip / Costa breakfast this morning / Pasta lunch: delicious! / Attempting to sunbathe / Sipping on peppermint tea.  
Another photo heavy post! I kind of like it when I'm too busy to post a Sunday Snippets, as it means that I get to look back at two weeks of photos the next time I post.

The last two weeks have been HECTIC. Since moving home from university early I felt like I had no free time whatsoever, hence the lack of posts from me lately. Commuting was really tiring and by the time I got home, it was either really late or quite frankly I just didn't have the energy to post!

Up until Wednesday 14th May I spent a lot of time revising, my exam could have gone better but I'm so glad it's over! I also received a copy of a magazine that one of my bunnies is in... got another famous pet on my hands! Since last Wednesday I've just been enjoying the freedom from university and the sudden burst of sunshine!

I also received a lovely gift in the post from EJ Designs, the little wooden painted "C" inside a heart shape* that you can see in the collage. It was sent to me to review and it really is lovely. Head over to EJ Designs on Facebook to find out more about what Emma does.

This weekend has been lovely, I spent Friday night at my boyfriend's and on Saturday we headed to the zoo! We took his sister, her husband and their little girl along with us and it was a lovely day, I was chilled and happy for what felt like the first time in ages. Today has been spent having breakfast at Costa with my Mum and brother, sunbathing in the garden and discovering peppermint tea.

How has your week been?


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