Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday Snippets #16

Charity shop book shopping / Looking pretty on my shelf / Lusting after this collection / Watching the boyfriend watch football, as per! / LOTS of photos of Ted and Wotsit / Throwback of one of my brothers and I / That same brother's 13th Birthday! / Scrapbook goodies kindly sent to me by Trimcraft for review / Another collection of books I love / Ted being cute / Packing for next week's holiday
I'm amazed by how few photos I've taken over the last fortnight! They all seem to be of the rabbits, or of books... oops. I haven't been feeling particularly well over the last few weeks though; I'm a very anxious person, and this next week is a bit stressful for me. Tomorrow I have my driving test and I receive my second-year university results, I have a hospital appointment on Friday and then I'm off on holiday on Saturday... yes, even preparing for a holiday stresses me out! 

I cannot WAIT for the next few days to be over, so that I can just focus on going on holiday and enjoying some quality time with my boyfriend. Are you stressed about anything lately? Or on the contrary, are you excited about anything to come? :)

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