Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday Snippets #18!

Cupcake's 4th birthday / Morning cuppa / Beautiful edition of Middlemarch / Map I bought my boyfriend / New books / Rearranged bookshelves / Vintage map in my room / Scrapbooking on the floor / Healthy breakfast / Sunbathing / Wreck this Journal fun / Setting up my planner / Cute car air freshener / Yet more scrapbooking / Photos of boyfriend and I, it was our first anniversary last Tuesday / Planning / Making notes / A brand new planner for my blog and YouTube posts / New toys for the bunnies / Magnum love / Replying to penpals / Two of my lovebugs / We bought a caravan for holidays!
Well! It's been three weeks since I last posted a Sunday Snippets, so it was a bit difficult to squish all these photos into one post! Despite the amount of photos I actually haven't got up to very much. I've been scrapbooking a lot, catching up with university reading and I've spent a lottttt of time planning blogposts and YouTube videos; in the next few weeks, I just won't have the time! 

If you'd like to see exactly what I've been up to for the past week, I've started weekly vlogging on my YouTube channel and the first video went up today! Here it is;

Have a lovely Sunday guys!


  1. Aww your bunnies are the cutest, I totally enjoyed watching your blog! I love that you have pen pals from various countries, so cool! x

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