Monday, 18 August 2014

Sunday Snippets #20!

Last Sunday night with friends / Such a thoughtful gift in the post / August's Gossamer Blue scrapbook kit / I was in the paper with the foster babies! / Noodles having a nap / Pickle using Noodles as a sofa / Rainbow outside my house / B&M mini-haul / I hit 3,000 subscribers!
What a crazy week that was. Monday saw me becoming national news in Croatia, when people took offence to my holiday vlogs. (I said I'd gotten sick of eating pizza... a seemingly innocent comment you would think. Apparently not!) I received hate mail for two days, including threats and more insults than you could probably ever think up. It was insane. The worst part is that I was looking after my boyfriend's twelve year-old niece when the hate mail started; she was totally bemused when I burst into tears and rang the police, haha. Thankfully it all blew over very quickly, and all those extra views will mean a bigger paycheck for me at the end of the month... silver linings, eh? Believe it or not, I was in the English papers last week too! This time as a way of promoting Southampton Rabbit Rescue and all the foster babies :)

This week I also received some lovely goodies in the post (an A5 planner from my YouTube friend Kylie, and my August Gossamer Blue scrapbook kit!) and I hit 3,000 YouTube subscribers!

My weekend was spent with the boyfriend as usual; on Friday we chilled indoors, and on Saturday we visited his friends in Bournemouth. Saturday night I had a family friend's 18th birthday party to go to, and then we went out in town afterwards. Sunday was my boyfriend's niece's 2nd birthday BBQ, followed by a nap for me! Here's the latest weekly vlog;

I hope you're all well, see you soon!



  1. Not too good about the hate mail!:( But congraluations on reaching 3,000 subscribers and those bunnies are very cute xx

  2. Bless you! I'm currently watching your vlog, how weird is that!? Cannot believe all that drama over seemingly nothing hahaha!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo


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