Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sunday Snippets Catch-Up! (#25)

My "classics" book shelf / Uni reading / A naughty breakfast / Happy mail / Stationery goodness / New books / My favourite person / Harry Potter Studio Tour! / Hogwarts?! / New favourite mug / Planner pages / Uni lecture notes, bleh / Stationery unboxing! / Starting the day right... giant cup of tea! / Brownies with my boyfriend's niece / Filming a haul
Buying fabric and fleece / Sewing cosy beds for the bunnies / Completed Harry Potter mini album / Back to my day-on-a-page planner inserts / Jumpers and scarves / Little bear stickers from a penpal / Researching / Night out with one of my favourites / New books! / Hello Panda biscuits! / An afternoon at the beach / My niece and nephew / At the beach again... / Over 1000 insta-followers! / Washi tape ideas / Journal time
There we have it, three weeks worth of Sunday Snippets! You guys will probably know by now, but in recent weeks I have gone back to work and uni and it's been totally overwhelming! I already have so much to do, and blogging hasn't been high on my priority list. My YouTube channel has also boomed a little bit, and so all my spare time has gone towards maintaining that.

Having said that though, I've had a pretty good few weeks! I've received some lovely things in the post (and I'm hoping to collaborate with a few brands soon, yay!) I visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour, I FINALLY started to get some work done and my boyfriend and I had a lovely weekend away at the seaside last week. Oh, and I also hit 1000 instagram followers!

I don't have time to embed my weekly vlogs (off to uni now, what a surprise!) however if you'd like to watch them, they are here. I hope you are all well, and that your week got off to a great start!


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