Monday, 3 November 2014

Sunday Snippets #28 | Playing Catch-Up!

Sick day / Pickle and Noodles / Still off sick / New books / Planner goodies / Pretty classics / Journalling / October pages / MORE new books...
Arranging scrapbook supplies / Planning / Currently reading / September and October reading wrap-up / New classics / Halloween! / My boyfriend and his niece / Um... more new books / A candle lit in memory of two special dogs
Well, hi guys!

I'm so sorry I let blogging slide all the time lately... I'm just so busy. These are my photos from the last fortnight; the top nine were taken whilst I was poorly, I had the whole week off uni and work with various illnesses! This past week I was feeling better, and managed to get out and about a little more when I wasn't working. There isn't really anything interesting to tell you... I've honestly just been plodding on through, haha.

Did you guys do anything fun for Halloween? I didn't do anything! 

Other than that, I did upload a book haul yesterday if you're interested: 

Soooo apologies again for the boring post, but I just totally underestimated how much time uni would take up this year (naive, I know.) 

Have a good day guys!



  1. Lovely photos! Glad you're feeling better and good luck with your uni coursework!

    <3 Fran - xx

  2. They are lovely photos! I have nominated you for the 'One Lovely Blogger Award' you can find me at

  3. Hi! Your photos are beautiful! I really enjoy reading your posts!


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